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Universal DC CDI igniter ignition switch modified Motorcycle bike ATV Scooter Moped buggy Racing digital adjustable Programmable


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    Digital Adjustable Motorcycle Motorbike Scooter CDI Ignition for 4 and 2 stroke engine

    The software is free, open source,if you are interested in it,please leave message to me with your Email address,we will send the software and source code to you,then you can decide whether to buy.Welcome to ask questions,we will reply ASAP.

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    More special functions than any other digital ignition:

    1.Real-time adjusting of base timing without a computer when your engine is running.

    2.Copy your original ignition or any other ignition curve.

    3.Special setting of cranking(startup) advance for excellent startup performance.

    4.Optional trigger voltage and edge setting works for any engine.

    5.Automatically ignition coil loading time compensation to keep powerful spark when power voltage changes.

    6.1500-16000 RPM Adjustability.



    Wiring diagram & software:






    real time



    Engine speed: 0-16000 RPM

    Cranking(starting) advance:0-1500RPM(set single value)

    Advance: 0-60 degree

    Input voltage:7-15 V




    In the installation folder, install the file from the driver folder first.

    Go to the software folder

    Install IgnTunesetup.exe


    Select English





    Change the installation folder to English





    Rename to English





    Select create desktop icon





    Unselect Launch





    Copy the IgnTune2.0.exe into the program file(C:/Program Files/) installation folder from the download folder.





    Rename the shortcut on the desktop to English





    Running the Software:


    Plug in the USB cord and right click on start, go to search, type in Control Panel and select it.

    On the right side select small icons

    Go to System

    Go to Ports(COM & LPT)

    Find the USB adapter(USB-CH340) from the list and make note of the COM port it is using. (ex. COM1)

    Right click on the adapter, select properties

    Click on the ports tab, change the bits per second to 19200, everything else should stay the same (Data bits 8, Parity none, stop bits 1, Flow control none.)

    Hit OK.



    Connecting the CDI for connecting to software:


    Start the software.


    Select the COM port from the list on the right, to connect the CDI to the software hold down the Ignition Advance + button while plugging in the USB connector on the CDI.  Once it is connected, release the button.  The light should stay lit red and the CDI is now ready to speak to the computer.  You should see a green light when you have selected the correct COM port and have the CDI in the correct mode.  You are now in Setting mode.  You can now toggle between “copy” and “normal” mode.

    First thing to do is to copy the map saved on the CDI, select mode ignition from the drop down menu and hit “Write” button.  This should copy the values stored in the CDI.  You should save this as a backup.

    You can now edit this saved map. Select a point in the map, you want to edit. You can use “Up/Down Arrows” + “shift” or input values directly and hit “Write” to save them to the CDI.


    The changeable values are as follows:

    The Trigger Offset is the amount the sensor is from TDC.  The maximum allowable is 60 degrees.  60 degrees is optimal as you cannot have more advance than the trigger offset.  So if you have the ability to do so, more trigger angle is better.  How to achieve the Trigger Offset will be covered later on.


    Next is Trigger Voltage, setting this someplace in the middle is ideal. Too low and you can get misfires and too high and you make have misfires.  You can play around with this and it is dependant on the sensor you are using and it’s output voltage.


    Trigger Edge is the side of the crank trigger the system will fire at rising means as soon as it hits, falling means as it falls off the back.  This is a good way to increase your Trigger Offset if you don’t have an easy means to adjust it.

    Cranking Advance is the amount of advance the engine will receive when trying to start to aid starting > 1000RPM




    1.How do I get the Trigger Offset?


    Set the engine to Top Dead Center (TDC) 


    First, make sure that your crankshaft is at TDC.  Measure the trigger offset(Angle) as this schematic diagram:






    2.How to get(induce) other ignition’s curve?

    a.Start the software.  Make a connection to the computer by holding down the “advance+” button and plugging in the diagnostic cable to enter the setting mode.


    Set the work mode to “copy”.


    Input the “Trigger Offset(angle)” that you measured.


    Press “Write” button.


    Disconnect data cable from the ignition and turn off the power.




    b.Do not make any change with your original ignition, you only need to add the inductance loop and hook up the power and ground and the crank signal wires.


    c.Start your engine and warm up your engine. Apply maximum throttle, when engine reaches maximum RPM, reduce the throttle VERY VERY SLOWLY until engine reaches Idle RPM(no less than 20 seconds).  Repeat several times.  If you want you can connect to computer for a real-time display.

    DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER, Disconnect trigger signal to switch off the engine.


    d.Connecting the computer, enter the setting mode.  Now you can see the curve you copied, you can use “Shift+up or down” to edit the curve as you want.


    e.You can see the curve in real time if connected to the computer.


    f.If you can not induct the curve, try different inductor wraps, commonly 5-40 will work. 





    a.To avoid electromagnetic interference, The high voltage cap and spark plug must be within specification, modified ones can cause problems.


    b.the ignition indicator will flash when the unit receives a trigger signal, otherwise:

        a) check wiring.

        b) Change the trigger voltage or trigger edge in the software.


    c.If the “Trigger offset(angle)” that you have measured is incorrect, the curve will be incorrect(most engines are no more than 60 degrees)


    3.How to adjust advance when you are driving

    Install the ignition correctly, when the engine was started, press the “advance+” and “advance-” button at the same time, then release.  The indicator will be solid red.  Now the advance can be adjusted, the advance will change 0.5º when the button was pressed once. You can change the advance when you are driving.  Changing advance will bring you different driving experience.  When you want to finish adjusting, press the “advance+” and “advance-” button at the same time.  then release,the indicator will begin flashing. The ignition is now non adjustable and the changes were stored.  The changes will not be saved in EEPROM until the “advance+” button was pressed and held for 3.3 seconds.  The engine will turn off at this time.  If you want to ignore changes, turn power off manually before saving.



    a.The data cable was made with PL-2303 chip that was made by Prolific Technology Inc. you can search the driver on the internet if necessary.

    b.The data cable must be connected to the computer directly, you can not use with usb HUB!!!


    4.Edit the curve saved in ignition(enter the setting mode)

    Before powering up the CDI disconnect the data cable from ignition, press and hold the button “advance+”, then connect the data cable.  The software will show a dialog box, it means that the software has received the curve saved in ignition, release the “advance+”, press OK.  The button “Write” will  become available, now you can use “shift” + ”up or down” arrow keys to change advance, the changes will not be saved in EEPROM until the “Write” button is pressed.


    receive curve


    setting mode

    Note:  The ignition will not work in settings mode, when you are finished editing the curve you must disconnect the data cable once to exit the settings mode.


    5.When the ignition is on, you can connect your computer to see the current ignition timing and RPM it is labeled under Advance and RPM in the software.

    real time


    6.You can edit the curve when the CDI is offline.



    Button functions:

    Open:load a curve saved in disk.

    Save:save the current curve to disk. 

    Refresh:You can load several curves to compare, this button will clear all curves except the current(latest loaded one).

    For EFI:the ignition can be used as a EFI system ignition which is being driven by the ECU.  The button will set the advance to trigger offset(the most advance) at all engine speed, if your engine uses a carburetor, Do not use this.

    Burn to ignition:burn the current curve to ignition.


    7. When the ignition has trigger signal the indicator will flash.  If you do not get a trigger signal, check your wiring or change trigger voltage by software.  Higher trigger voltage can avoid electromagnetic interference, but the ignition will take a longer time to fire, it means that the actual advance will be less.


    8.  If you have issues with runtime errors, set your crank trigger to a value higher than the highest value in your map. 


    If you have any question,leave me message,I will reply quickly.

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