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Ultrasonic Body Slimming Massager Ultrasonic Wave EMS Vibration Infrared Therapy Fat Burner Device Skin Tightening Facial Care

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    Ultrasonic Body Slimming Massager Ultrasonic Wave EMS Vibration Infrared Therapy Fat Burner Device Skin Tightening Facial Care


    1.Ultrasonic function will accelerate metabolism and enhance tissue regeneration process for fat burning effect without regaining the weight easily, and when combined with skin care cream or liquid, it will make your skin fully hydrated for better moisturizing effect.
    2.Negative ion lead out function will provide deeper skin cleaning effect when combined with a cleanser, easily remove the cosmetic metal ion residuals which may be harmful to your skin.
    3.EMS stimulation function has 5 modes to provide multipurpose micro-current massage, which can make your muscle exercise and improve blood circulation for effective body slimming effect. It can work with EMS patches and EMS gloves to aim for different body parts, professional and practical.
    4.Different colored LED lights in various wavelengths can give off energy for beneficial effects to provide multipurpose photon therapy to improve the skin fitness and health, no high heat and no side effects, suitable for all skin types.
    5.Vibration frequency can reach 8000-10000 times/min to effectively promote the penetration and absorption of skin care products and essence.
    6.Support far infrared heating function to penetrate the nutrients of skin care products or essence into your skin with efficiency.
    7.In order to facilitate the user to operate two modes at the same time, there are 4 built-in combination modes for instant switch for enhanced skin care performance.


    Material: ABS
    Color: Black
    Plug Type: EU Plug/US Plug(Optional)
    Input: 100-240V, 0.5A
    Output: 15V, 500mAh
    Power: 7.5W
    Ultrasonic Frequency: >1Mhz
    Vibration Frequency: 8000-10000 times/min
    EMS Mode: Tap/Massage/Knead/Scrap/Slim
    LED Light Color: Red Light, Green Light, Blue Light, Yellow Light, Purple Light, Cyan Light
    Size: As Picture Shown

    LED Function

    Help increase blood circulation and stimulate skin cells to excrete collagen and speed up metabolism, making your skin firm and shiny in smooth texture.
    2. Green(532nm)
    Reduce skin oil secretion for enhanced oil and water balance to achieve neutralization and stable state.
    3. Blue(440nm)
    Inhibit acne growth with anti inflammation and skin repair effect, reduce the risks of leaving scars.
    4. Yellow(583nm)
    Improve cell oxygen exchange and promote micro circulation to replenish energy for skin cells.
    5. Purple(430nm)
    Dual frequency light to repair acne and improve lymph metabolism.
    6. Cyan(490nm)
    Enhances cell energy and promote metabolism to enhance the skin vitality.

    Package Included

    1* EMS Body Slimming Massager(Main Unit)
    1* Pair of EMS Gloves
    1* Pair of Goggles
    1* Power Adapter
    4* Electrode Pads(2 Pairs) 
    1* 2-Way Electrode Wire
    1* User Manual

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