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SENANA 4D Silk Fiber Mascara Eyelash Thick Extension Long Black Lash Eyelash Extension Eyelash Korea Cosmetics

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  • Description

    SENANA 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Thick Extension Mascara Long Black Lash Eyelash Extension Eyelash Brush Makeup Korea Cosmetics

    Product name: Senana Stars Long Mascara
    Specification: 8g
    Guarantee: see the package for the expired date
    Product functions: have fine and smooth texture. The cream is evenly attached to the eyelashes. Thick and curled eyelashes can be represented easily.

    Every piece of eyelid is clear Fine eyelid is excellent

    Dazzling stars long mascara
    Long and dense

    Product Name: Senna. Slim curling mascara
    Specification: 4g
    Efficacy: Fine and smooth texture, brush thick, curled eyelashes easily, outline long and thick eyelashes
    Shelf life: limited date see packaging label

    Eyelashes have been curled natural and fairly eyelashes

    Halten langlebig und nicht leicht chaotisch.
    Präsentieren lange wimpern

    Dense and curled two eyes get enlarged at once.

    Fein und dicht wrap jedes stück von wimpern
    Pinsel und präsentieren dichten und gekräuselt zwei augen
    Augen sind funkelnden und smart als stern

    Three advantages Beautiful and glamorous eyes

    Elastic stretch eyelashes
    Brush and present two dense eyes
    Magnify two eyes
    Dense and ruffled
    Of course, long

    Eyelashes fine and dense

    Immediately stretch and finish the style
    Naturally wavy and long
    Present curly eyelashes after brushing smoothly
    Soft and slippery cream
    Not sticky
    Don’t cake
    Brush and present clear eyelashes instantly
    Long and dense
    Color rendering formula presents thick and curled eyelashes to the right. Every piece of eyelash is clear and not easily messy.
    Cool black and color rendering
    Black rendering formula, soft & hard and corresponding brush tip. Brush and paint, then long and thick eyelashes is gone for the right.

    Good product can always stand the test

    Lange und dichten Tun nicht leicht erhalten messed
    Test von Nicht Leicht Immer Messed
    Gelten ein wenig auf die hand und warten für 2 minuten, verwenden die tissue zu abdeckung und wischen, dann die farbe nicht verbreiten.

    Waterproof test

    Brush the mascara on your hand and wash with clean water. Do not spread mascara dose. Apparently color transfer and keep it lasting.
    Test of removing the makeup
    Mild water can remove the makeup. The cotton pads. Remove the makeup. It cannot remain easy. It is not pigmentation.

    Application method

    Open the package and take out the product (before using the eyelash curler. Then the effect will be better with the help of the eyelash curler to curl it)
    Pull it upwards with the mascara until the eyelashes are wavy.
    Then again and again brush the eyelashes down with the brush head until the eyelashes become long and thick.
    Before the mascara gets dry, apply again and again. Eyelashes have been curled more and the makeup is more natural and attractive.

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