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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Wireless Cleaning Wet and Dry For Home 3 in 1 Smart Household Appliances Mop Cleaning Floor Vacuum Cleaner

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    Product paramete

    Product Name: Touch Intelligent Sweeper
    Model: ES300
    Size: 300 * 300 * 70mm
    Battery: 3000mAh
    Product weight+color box: 1358g
    Life time: 90min
    Charging time: 3 hours

    Product function

    One-button start, adsorption of dust and hair, cigarette butts, melon seed shell, automatic change of direction, etc., built-in 3000 mAh lithium battery.

    Reminder: This is an intelligent sweeping robot with integrated sweep, suction and drag design. When encountering obstacles, it will turn and enter the bottom to absorb dirty cigarette butts, melon seed shells, dust, dog hair, and floor hair

    Product List

    Touch Smart Sweeper x1
    Velcro x2
    rag x1
    Instructions x1
    brush x1
    USB charging cable x1




    Smart touch Light touch start

    Using smart black technology, you only need to touch lightly to start, which saves worry and effort and gives you a clean home experience

    Detection of supercharging technology

    1,Sweep the carpet to increase suction
    When the sweeper goes to the carpet, it will automatically increase the suction power, absorb the dust from the carpet, and automatically restore the original suction power after leaving the carpet.

    2,Triple filtration to lock dust

    Nylon mesh + sponge + high efficiency filtration
    Filter tiny dust to avoid emissions

    3,Suspension suction port + V-shaped roller brush

    When encountering floor and floor tile gaps, slide rails, etc., it can go deep to clean the joints

    Smart chip APP remote control

    Easy APP operation / Timing function

    Product characteristics

    1,Touch to start
    Newly upgraded touch black technology

    2,Water lock really wet mop
    High coverage+efficient wet mopping

    3,Bilateral brush
    Two-way gathering of dust

    4,7cm thickness
    Unhindered travel at home

    5,Suction and sweep in one
    Double cleaning and more at ease

    6,Portable dust box
    Convenient cleaning

    There is nowhere for dust to escape

    Long battery life

    9,Autonomous planning
    Plan to clean and refuse to miss the sweep

    Really clean experience Smart house cleaning

    1,The powerful cleaning system of the whole machine makes it easy to clean without leaking, and the cleaning coverage rate of the whole house reaches 99%, which is more efficient and cleaner.

    2,High frequency wiping + dust-level cleaning
    Wipe off solidified stains for 90 minutes
    99.26% sterile wet mop
    Sweep 93% of dust

    Completely intelligent wet mop, better cleaning effect

    1,mopping with high water retention

    2,Efficient and not missed

    3,Excellent stain removal

    Fully fit mop, high-fiber water-locking material, excellent water absorption, no curling, no water leakage, better wet mop effect

    Wiping the floor back and forth,so clean compareble to manual wiping effect

    480 times of reciprocating rubbing per minute, imitating the way of manually rubbing the floor back and forth, high-frequency rubbing of the rag makes the floor cleaner

    New upgrade 2000PA Strong suction

    High suction
    Multiple filteing
    Bilateral brush
    High power motor
    Fit to the ground

    Cleanable dust, small particles,hair, large particles etc.

    Smart chip planning trajectory

    Smart chip 2000PA high efficiency
    Plan routes independently
    Blind spot cleaning

    Autonomous planning and cleaning, no running around and high coverage, free shuttle in the complex home environment, reducing missed cleaning and repeated cleaning of the room systematically

    Large capacity lithium battery

    Long-lasting sweeping and uninterrupted power

    Large-capacity lithium battery, under the premise of ensuring sufficient suction

    long single battery life,easy to control large-scale cleaning tasks

    450ML portable large dust box

    large capacity and more filtration efficient dust collection intelligent ventilation,reject secondary pollution

    Simple dust cleaning box

    1,Gently open the top cover
    open the front top cover of the sweeper with one hand

    2,Raise the dust box with one hand
    raise the dust box inside the sweeper with one hand

    3,Pour out the dust
    open the dust box and clean up the dust

    Product instructions

    1,Install brushes on both sides

    2,Install the Velcro of the mop

    3,Attach a water-locking mop

    4,Turn on the power switch (“O” is off & “I” is on )

    5,touch the shop opening machine

    6,the machine starts operating

    APP instructions

    1,Scan the QR code

    2,Download and install software

    3,Open the APP, click the upper left comer, search for the Bluetooth of the machine and match

    4,Turn on the red power switch of the machine to match

    5,Click to select the Bluetooth of the searched machine, successfully matched

    6,At this time, the working hours and switches of the machine can be controlled by APP


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