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Reeder M7 Go 8GB 7 “IPS Tablet


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    Various use properties tablet models, minimized PC view with attention. Ergonomic size tablets, smart phones have many function can fulfill. It also has extensive usage possibilities of tablets. This means many function can perform. Reeder brand is submitted the tablets, everyone can use ölçülerdedir. Touch screen capability Reeder tablets, in many ways easy use imkânı. Reeder tablets owned touch surface, screen to be applied on the transaction in a practical way to realization. Touch screen feature, tablet situated on the page to the keypad or mouse without requiring disposes sağlar. Reeder M7 Go 8 GB IPS Tablet, owned technological features offered by computers with all functions. Smartphones bigger in size is Reeder tablet, easy portable changable. So the product on your side in almost any environment bulundurabilir and convenient use. Reeder tablet, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) features also with attention. Personal digital assistant featuring the tablet, your data. Also according to the frequency of use tablet into various writing and visual data also can store.
    Reeder comfortable and safe and makes the use of various accessories. With these accessories ürününüzü long life of use. Tablet ekranlarına fit transparent containers with falls and so on damage receive durumlarının önüne geçilmiş. During use Reeder M7 Go 7 IPS tablet in the water and coffee as well as against the risk of loss of liquid materials protection container you can wear. Tablets convenient for portability tablet bags, cases and so on accessories. When using these products Reeder tablet need to pay attention to adaptation. Brand, have submitted is tablette ergonomic dimensions. This means in the product during use or holster can place in a relaxed way. The back of the tablet for protecting panel made of special containers and sleeves, are available. This up front screen is also designed to maintain. Thus the important equipment bulunduğu parts are maintained. Use during the back panel damage görmemesine attention is recommended. Hence Reeder tablet is compatible with the size of the back of containers takmak is important for safe use. Located in tablets touch surface with the help of pen can choose to use. Especially used in drawing and so on technical done during display of their pens, Reeder tablet in active use.

    Reeder Tablet Use

    With the emerging technology tablet uses orientation also varies. Particularly comfortable to be portable and size to be big in many areas through tablet used. Reeder M7 Go 8GB 7 ”IPS tablet model, hobby, business and so on occasion can be used within the changable. The tablet is part of the store app you want with the contents in a practical way to download and use. Uygulamaların availability in the tablet is shown. Thereby according choice required application yönlendirmelerini can. The owned connection settings match at school or work places can use the product. Connectivity features through projection screen presentation can project. Tablet can download into mail applications with various electronic mails quickly. The documents required for the schools you can download and can complete the work. The tablet is part of the many function use can adjust according to your situation. Business is required for the dokümanların and be directed in a practical way. Especially in practical applications of architectural and engineering çizimlerinde required tablet can through. Architectural çizimlerin made for tablet in various applications can be downloaded. Tablet pen on via or touch screen can through drawing and redirects. Reeder brand, together with emerging technology on tablet çizimlerin digital transmission in a practical way to conduct imkânı. Reeder M7 Go 8GB 7 ”IPS tablet properties through drawings and engineering presentations from various platforms yansıtabilir. At the same time three-dimensional pictures weight showed presentations through the screen display copies. When it comes to tablette place with the various hardware features during use quality a visual presentation of.
    Reeder M7 Go 8GB 7 ”IPS tablet model, children can use with special functions. Children play oynaması, various events gerçekleştirmesi and cartoon follow this product becomes possible. Especially noted for children custom applications tablet model, educational and enjoyable applications. Children’s intelligence and visual memory booster activities. Also this tablet, children hand skills can leverage functions with attention. Children pleasant dakikalar sağlayan cartoon films, tablet via a practical can track. Parental control set with tablet, tracking of children according to the situation can be directed. Children as well as adults at game playing, series or movies watching and so on can realize on activity tablet. Tablet screen to be big and practice during the touch surface have practical and fun gaming experience. Tablette place a variety of space adventure, voltage and so on games, tablet screen three-dimensional visual presentation with the pleasure of looking into a new dimension. At the same time series or movies izleyebileceğiniz tablet model, display hold yönünüze shaped according to. Your tablet can use with side or upright position.

    Tablet Care and Features

    Reeder M7 Go 8GB 7 ”IPS tablet model in the long run smoothly in use for some kinds of attention to matters to on-site. In daily life quite commonly used product, of dirtied, tozlanabilir and so on durumlarla may face. Cleanliness of the tablet for pass in front of them and is recommended to pay attention to maintenance. Especially from multiple people simultaneously tablets that uses, quickly kirlenebilmektedir. To avoid this situation specific periyotlarda can maintenance procedures. Tablet, electronic equipment maintenance and cleaning applications for a device that precisely should happen. Wet or damp bırakılan tablet surfaces, various damage in the. Developed for this tablet cleaning kits. According to the different parts of different types of apparatus. The most important part of the rear panel need to clean with dry or slightly damp. At the back panel field battery, hardware and technical units can dry cloth application for do not take damage. Situated on the tozların be good enough. The back of the tablet panel with diverse apparatus can reducing the clean clean. Long-standing operation with back panel cleaning, be done once a year. This application through the fast heating up and slow down durumlarının önüne by. The back of the tablet panel also can clean with a dry cloth. When it comes to the tablet screen touch it consist of traces of various finger for that. Especially children kullandığı tablets eat crumbs and similar bodies can take place. These situations to screen cleaning kits. Spray cleaning in the form of water, the product perfect görünüme kavuşmasına disposes sağlar. When cleaning the screen was off take care should be shown. On the screen is a two-time squeeze spray after kurulayabilirsiniz with microfiber cloth. The damp so that for several different aspects can clean.
    Tablet when using many activity can perform. Headset can listen to music and videos with alias area tablet. Earphone and charger assy bays is often as a result of insertion and removal of some kinds of powders and small particles can occur. These situations occur hence earphone compartment and charger can not show the operating area. Eared inserted row sound squeaky geldiği can be seen. The same the way charger not conditions such as may occur. This battery to situations and headset ucunun often periyotlarda is recommended to clean. Earphone at the same time and the battery compartment can clean with damp cloth. Earphone and battery cables use to enhance the service life of various cleaning techniques can apply. The long-lasting kullanılabilmesi for various outdoor resistant. Tablet üzerine water loss in case of screen can be damaged. This waterproof protection to conditions such as bands use. Use of life for some kinds of apparatus. This apparatus product using conveniently, aktifleştirebilirsiniz.

    Reeder M7 Go 8GB 7 ”IPS Tablet General Features

    Reeder M7 Go 8GB 7 ”IPS tablet model, the 3G capability, total weighs about 260 grams. Tablet model overall dimensions 107,8x188x10mm değerlerindedir. Product display, physical, memory and cpu features to various categories of qualifications. A variety of photo and video shoots has a high quality two pieces camera to be able to do. Front camera with selfie mode photo and video shoot can. The same with the rear camera shot gerçekleştirmeniz becomes possible. Camera resolution is 2,0 MP of values. That you have saved images of tablet, with advanced memory feature can maintain. Product memory card type Micro SD’dir. Also Reeder tablet model 32 GB can be increased to ‘memory feature. Touch tabletteki total internal memory and disk capacity 8 GB values. Tablet with SIM card binding feature aktifleşmemektedir. Use during various applications to conduct imkânı ensure product, will not show activity as a means of communication. But have different function of product many link details. With various connectivity features can perform in the use of the product. Bluetooth connection with detayına Reeder M7 Go 8GB 7 ”IPS tablet with many devices can be connected and document transfer can. Also with bluetooth document sharing, printer output to perform various functions, such as possible. Product USB link feature is also available. This means the computer or by connecting to your television visual presentation can be created. In the aforementioned USB type Micro USB’dir. WiFi connection found Reeder tablet, 802.11 b/g/n level wireless network. Touch screen and pen that allows the use of various of screen features. Size of display 7 inch level. Capacitive screen has the pattern is tablet, TN screen type equipment. Tablette place area max screen resolution is 1024×600 pixels is. Functions of great importance to bearing cpu hardware four seeds. Reeder tablet model, cpu brand MTK, os base on Android and operating system Android 7.0 (Nougat) as users are submitted. Product main processor speed 1,3 gHz amounts to. Product RAM capacity is 1 GB values. Tablet, when in use or when not in use as active 2200 mAh power battery level. Product according your choice when you want range can charge. It also encompasses many activities that can perform Reeder M7 Go 8GB 7 ”IPS tablet model order immediately by comfortable use start to enjoy.
    Reeder M7 Go 8GB 7 “IPS Tablet

    M7 GO

    Türkiye’nin 1 number tabletiyle apogee discover!

    Türkiye’nin best selling tablet M7 Go, the market leader in its class pride in being. Türkiye’nin favorite reeder M7 Go, always do better for those who qualify.

    Engineered to leading

    Only 260g ağırlığıyla M7Go; Itself unutturacak light up will never be forgotten, so powerful. 1GB RAM and 8GB internal as well as hafızasının microSD card memory in support of the problems.

    Hidden subject: High performance

    MT8167 processor and 1.3 Ghz cpu hızıyla four core M7 Go high performance standards own. Now all operations one touch fluent and quickly yapabileceğiniz new generation have a helper. His unseen power high performance

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