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Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Bass Column Waterproof Outdoor USB Speakers Support AUX TF FM Radio Subwoofer Loudspeaker

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    Function key operation Introduction: 1. To switch music or FM: short press M 2. Last song/Next song: short press the volume key 3. Turn up/down the volume: Long press the volume key In FM radio mode: Press “M” to enter FM mode. 1. Press the power button for the first time to switch FM channel and search automatically, and press the power button for the second time to cancel the search.It will take several minutes to search the entire space station.After the search, you can press the volume button to select your favorite channel. 2. To switch channels: short press the volume key 3. Turn up/down the volume: Long press the volume key Note: In FM radio mode, Audio cable into the charging port as FM antenna. TWS serial mode: 1.2 Speakers of the same model start up at the same time 2. Long press The M key after power on until the sound is emitted and the speaker is paired

    Bluetooth 5.0, 99% uyumluluğu

    1.Bluetooth 5.0, fast connection and stable signal, compatible with all Bluetooth devices. 2. etkili bağlantı aralığı: 10 metre

    Extended play time

    1.High capacity rechargeable 2/3 mAh battery for up to 10 hours of playtime at 1200 volumes on a full charge.

    1. 5W * 2 big power with two bass diaphragms on each side, it will vibrate when playing music.

    TWS 3D stereo ara bağlantı

    1. TWS function, you can connect two speakers with one phone synchronization. 2.Support TWS function, two speakers can be connected to mobile phone/computer in series, the sound is more beautiful and powerful!

    1. Using the new 5.0 chip to make the speaker function more advanced

    IPX5 hayat su geçirmez

    1. IPX5 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof. 2.Mesh cover to protect the speaker from water, dust, shock.

    Handsfree voice calling and

    Call function, noise-canceling microphone allows you to answer calls without reaching your phone.

    FM fonksiyonu

    1.Search FM channels automatically, listen freely anytime anywhere. 2.In radio mode, please plug in an audio cable to increase the radio signal strength, the radio effect will be better

    4 playback modes

    1. Support MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE format music files. 2.Support TF card or misro SD card up to 32G, support USB 2.0 Disk. 3.Support USB flash disk plug and play.4.Support external MP3 / MP4 / computer and other audio input function (AUX)

    Bluetooth 5.0 automatic connection

    1. Cylindrical shape and built-in left and right channel offer 360 ° stereo. 2.Turn on Bluetooth and click TG117 to connect successfully!

    Light and portable size

    The speaker is about the same size as the palm of your hand, it is very suitable for carrying, and it is also convenient, can be used as a portable speaker.

    Size: 160mm * 68.8mm * 68.8mm.

    Going anywhere can be very convenient to carry with you!


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