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Lagunamoon White Musk 10ml Fragrance Oil For Candle Soap Diffuser Home Perfume Fresh Linen Strawberry Sea Breeze Lime Oil

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    About Our Product:

    * Perfect Fragrance Oils for Aromatherapy oils,Oil for diffusers,

     Humidifier oils,Oil Burners,Spa and Air Purifier

    * Each Fragrance Oils comes with 10ml amber brown bottles. 

    This will keep the oils fresh and help against light degradation

    * Water-soluble ,can drop into the water and mix to use.

    * Can relieve stress, nerve system, makes you pleasant,

    also freshen air.Can’t be used for body, don’t touch skin.


    Benefits of diffusing essential oils:

    1.Clears the air of dust and bacteria

    2.Opens the airways

    3.Affects mood


    Package included:

    1 x Bottle Lagunamoon 10ML Fragrance Oil 







    * Do not use Fragrance Oils internally.

    * Keep out of reach of children.

    * Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

    * Do not use citrus oils before exposure to UV light.

    * Avoid prolonged exposure without ventilation.

    * Store Fragrance Oils  and carrier oils properly to avoid degradation and rancidity.



    How Best To Use These Oils:

    There are many, many ways to use our Essential Oils, here are just a few…

    Oil Burners or Diffuser – One of the most popular ways is using them with an oil burner/diffuser. Adding a few drops to your oil burner/diffuser will create a lasting beautiful aroma, you can also mix oils to create your own smell.

    Bath – Adding a few drops of our oils to your bath creates a heavenly, natural and pure aroma, and is proven to be a highly effective way get the most our of essential oils.

    Making your own soaps, candles and beauty products, and these oils are perfect for that. They are of therapeutic grade, natural, pure and all hand made in the UK, making them ideal for you creative souls out there who make your own products.

    Others – Other popular ways apart from the above include, diffusers, on your pillow at night, meditation, car air fresheners and in steam / saunas.

    All these fragrance oils can be found in our store.Clicking on following words,you can find their purchasing pages.

    1.Apple Fresh,Fresh Linen,Baby Powder,Bubble Gum,Strawberry,White Musk,Sea Breeze,Lime,Coconut & Vanilla,Mandarin,Parma Violet,




    3.Orange Blossom,Peach,Passion Fruit,Pineapple,Japanese Magnolia,Sandalwood,Citrus,Black Orchid,Lily,Lemon Lime,Dewberry,Honeysuckle,Rosemary,




    5.Coffee,Harvest Spice,Lotus,Gardenia,Pina Colada,Cucumber,


    6.Glen,Chocolate Milk,Jasmine,Orange,Peppermint,Patchouli,Coconut,


    7.Blueberry,Grapefruit,Red pomegranate,litchi,Fig,


    8.Pear,grape,Raspberry,Spiced Berry,Cypress,Vanilla,Pine Needles,Camphor,Ylang,Citronella,Juniper,Ginger,Cedar wood,


    9.Oud Immortel,Fahrenheit,Cinnamon,Clove.


    10.Rose,Eucalyptus,Bergamot,Frankincense,Savage,Angel,Lime Basil & Mandarin,Midnight Rose,Summer Rose,Lemon Verbena,La Vie Est Belle,Flowerbomb,Chance,



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