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For Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB Tablet 2 Color Option

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    For Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB Tablet

    For Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB Tablet Features

    Digital content at the point of consumption and production technology by lovers often prefer the tablets game playing, video and film as monitoring transactions are also often being used. Product strong hardware and advanced camera thanks to the attention of users taking manages to. Samsung brand Galaxy Tab series new members to. Brand For Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 by expanding the range of 32GB tablet with the older generation tablet wanting to change or also for the first time will use a tablet with cater ediyor. High capacity battery, film and video izlemeyi tasteful which makes screen, kullanıcısını intended to satisfy developed components noted for product powerful front and rear camera through night or day difference without quite successful results is signing. For Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB Tablet prices through restricted budget although affordable, fast and large screen tablet users who want to cater ediyor.

    Android Operating System High Performance Samsung Tablet Thanks To Discover

    • Android 9,0 operating system to reaching tablet, google Play Store on the application and games from dilediğinizi yükleyip the functionality of the device more also can make the performance.

    • Placed on the product space Bluetooth 4,2 support, Bluetooth-enabled, speaker, earphone and game controller as side equipment productand easily can match, bluetooth technology brought speed and comfort For Samsung tablet via can experience.

    • Dâhili GPS location area model through the product, with the help of your cellphone mobile internet internete connect, in your car looking hâlindeyken bile map applications For Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB tablet screen smoothly through the can use.

    • Double hand use, vertical and horizontal position yanlışlıkla screen touch ihtimalini so as to minimize the frames is part of the 8 inch display to reaching tablet, digital content tracking and manufacture many use purpose.

    • Storage space and memory capacity point gereksinimlere very quickly that responds to your tablet, A large number of game and application upload, you ‘d like max 512 GB memory card supported your device by inserting a microSD card also can enhance your storage space.

    Quad core processor through use during the 2,0 GHz frequency yükseltebilen tablet install application, multimedia or play their content, donning or frost without display, photo and video of your shots desire your speed can complete

    Technical Specifications

    For Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB tablet features fast solution in respect of recommendation seeking users conveniently solution can deliver. HD resolution screen dynamic and sharp images yaratabilen device, own segment in the area to other products according to a satisfactory operation. In terms of design traditional Samsung Galaxy tablets ease of use sürdürmeye ongoing model, can be used alone, as required times various kılıflarla together easily operable.

    Screen: 8,0 inch, TFT LCD

    Battery Capacity: 5100 mAh

    RAM/Dâhili Storage: 2 GB/32 GB

    Camera Resolutions: 8 MP rear and 2 MP front camera

    CPU Speed: 2 GHz

    Weight: 345 grams

    Their work by profession new generation of smart phones limited width of not through the screens at wider screen amenities have tablets via users who wish to follow also conveniently yönelebilecekleri Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB tablets, technical specifications fan to it at.

    Weight and ergonomic sizes thanks to users all day long sides taşıyabilecekleri Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB Tablet models 124,4mm width, 210mm length and 8mm kalınlığıyla portability point also beğenileri over gathering. It offers advanced features and wide screen although only weighs 345 grams of device, 3,5mm headphone output and stereo audio output enables dâhili speaker multimedia with enthusiasts favorite candidate to be seen. More convenient use experience offering product display lock and audio level keys, the device right alongside. Can be increased memory offer, memory card slot is left on the device side konumlanıyor. At the bottom of display any a physical key not listed product application control, android operating system located in virtual keys with the help of gerçekleştirilebiliyor. Cihazın front is on display located at the top of the screen in combination of front camera and sensors, on the back is a single rear camera.

    Tablet frequently, without charging as for hours without interruption kullanmayı aiming users shopping lists without hesitation as required For Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB tablet, 5100 mAh capacity Li-Po’s battery on the go in an integrated manner. Base part being positioned micro USB input to charge through the model, also this via the input data transfer also allows.

    To look Doyamayacağınız A Screen Experience

    16:10 aspect ratio of 8 inch wide TFT LCD MONITOR screen kullanıcılarını meets product screen about 71’lik screen-to-body ratio and 189 ppi pixel yoğunluğuyla expectations. 1280×800 pixel screen, color vibrancy and with sparkling radiance class conveniently last tablet, multimedia geeks fun watches allow the contributor.

    8 megapixel rear camera auto-focus feature powered high-resolution images kaydedilebilmesine that allows tablet, back camera support Full HD resolution videos with 30 fps yakalayabiliyor. 2 megapixel resolution have front camera is basic level selfie used to be able to and through the internet video chats.

    Model Simple To Your Homes with A Box Includes Guest

    For Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB tablet, kullanıcılarını quite simple box content will welcome. The product box charger, USB cable, memory card eject needle, the tablet itself, user manual and is required for all other documents.

    Dünya’nın Most Important Technology Brands: Samsung Electronics

    South Korea ‘S most established and recognized brands one of them is Samsung connected Samsung Electronics, established since 1969 name innovations has been anılan continues to haunt the between brands. Computer parts tv from the washing machine refrigerate until countless by product hosts brand, hardware as well as software quality also with eye to fill decam ediyor. 2019 together with the number of up to about 290 thousand employees via activities with perpetuating Samsung Electronics, the world’s most important technology is being recognized as one of the manufacturers.

    Small Software Kişiselleştirmelerinin Then Ready To Use

    Your home is required software configurations and guest charged for level of preparations for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 SM-T290 32GB tablet about ready for your use immediately following of personalization. Internet connection through software updates at ventilate product you wish if both Google Play Store as well as Samsung custom Galaxy Store can install the application and games smoothly by means of. Use of battery to ensure long life span and the performance of the device the koyabilmesi exactly before cihazın overcharging recommended to those between.

    Galaxy Tab family most accessible, with comfortable and ergonomic members sayılabilecek Tab A 8 SM-T290, new looking to a tablet or tablet experience a top point looking to move technology severlerle meet.





    Arttırılabilir Memory

    512 GB up to





    Built-in Memory

    32 GB

    Drive Capacity

    32 GB

    Screen Size

    8,0 inch

    Display Model


    Display Panel Type


    GPS (Global Positioning System)


    Memory Card Type

    Micro SD



    Cpu Core Number

    Quad Core Cpu

    Cpu Brand


    Operating System Base


    Operating System

    Android 9.0 (Pie)

    Pen Compatibility


    Camera Resolution

    8,0 MP


    Double Camera

    Max Screen Resolution


    Mobile Connector


    Package Content

    Power Adapter

    Battery Power (mAh)

    5100 mAh

    Ram Capacity

    2 GB

    Sim Card Match


    Tablet Cpu

    Cortex A53

    Basic Cpu Speed

    2 GHz

    USB Type

    Micro USB



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