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Baskaya Baby Breastfeeding Support and Seat pad-Pad Main Lap

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    Baskaya Baby Breastfeeding Support and Sitting Cushion
    In the Use of Age: During Pregnancy and After Birth -18 MONTHS

    During the pregnancy: It allows you to relax by taking it between your knees while sleeping or resting

    After Birth: Breastfeeding cushion Designed for you to breastfeed your baby comfortably, holding your back in the right breastfeeding position, with its U-shaped design, placing your baby on your waist and coming to the right place for breastfeeding. You can breastfeed without getting tired whenever you want You can easily use the cushion with the other hand when you have a baby in one hand, you don’t need the help of another person, With its soft form, It provides a safe and comfortable environment for your baby, just like a mother’s lap Can be used while sitting or lying down Eliminates the need for a special nursing seat Improper posture, Immobility or long-term power while breastfeeding It puts an end to muscle tension or pain in the back and arm area that may occur due to spending, and protects your health. Thanks to its special design, it is suitable for both fathers and mothers. Apron measures 105/76 cm. As your baby grows: Baby support cushion Helps your baby in the development of motor skills during feeding, exercise and playtime in the first months.

    In addition, it will reduce the risk of reflux after breastfeeding as it increases the lying angle. Abdominal use for 3 months and above: Playing on the abdomen, exercising or just standing helps babies to develop the upper body muscles they need to crawl. With the breastfeeding cushion, your baby will be very comfortable face down. Helps your baby to develop his trunk muscles and learn how to sit. With its soft design, it provides a safe and comfortable environment for your baby, just like a mother’s lap.

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