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Algae Wafers 1kg Algae Mini Tablets Fish Food Bottom Feeders Plecos Catfish Shrimp food

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    Mini-Vegetablets 8mm Tablets

    Weight :1kg

    A special vegetable fish food mixture in the form of tablets (in the size of 8 mm) with the content of Medicago for small fish feeding in the bottom area
    It is a vegetable complete fish food for feeding herbivorous aquarium fish as well as a food for others.
    A special ingredient which was used in the process of tableting “lecerna” brilliantly completes fish organism with indispensable vitamins such as B,C,D and E.
    “Mini-Vegetaltablet” is a basic source of potassium, ferrum and magnesium. Medicago is characterized by detoxifying and cleansing action of fish organism. It is one of the best bactericide and antifungal agents. “Mini- Vegetaltablet” perfectly improves physical efficiency of fauna bred.
    The forage is an optimally chosen diet especially for those fish which requires significant participation of vegetable ingredients in their food. Modern technology of making feed by tableting (no heat treatment) makes that materials keep their properties in 100 per cent.
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