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3 4 th Bluetooth Chihiros Doctor Twinstar Aquarium Algae Remover Water Fish Tank Cleaning Tool Accessories for Plants Shrimp

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    3/4th Bluetooth Chihiros Doctor Aquarium Algae Cleaner Remove Fish Tank Cleaning Electronic Inhibit Algae Sterilizer for Plants Fish Shrimp Water Grass



    Product name: 3th/4th Chihiros Doctor

    product size: 5*8.5cm; reactor size: 6*8.5cm

    Voltage: 110v-240v

    Power adapter: US plug / EU plug / UK plug / AU plug (If you need other plug types, please leave a message after ordering or contact us directly.)

    Model: touch screen version/ Bluetooth version(APP version)

    Function: Aquarium Algae Cleaner Inhibit Algae Sterilizer for Plants

    The generator is a consumable. After a period of use, the bubbles generated by the generator will become smaller, and you need to replace the generator.


    Three mode: water grass, fish, shrimps


    Note!!! For 4th Bluetooth Chihiros Doctor, you need find APP “My Chihiros” instead of “Chihiros Magic”, “Chihiros Magic” will not work.

    Before connecting, please turn on the Bluetooth and location functions of the mobile phone.



    product features

    1. It has a strong effect on inhibiting the occurrence of green algae and promoting the growth of aquatic plants.

    • inhibit the initial reproduction and growth of plant plankton

    • Activate trace elements in water to promote the reproduction of aquatic plants

    • Promote the growth of aquatic plants to activate photosynthesis and stabilize the ecological environment in the aquarium


    2. killing crustacean pathogens

    • Automatically kills pathogens in water every hour through direct and indirect sterilization, greatly improving the survival rate of juveniles.


    3. relying on strong bactericidal ability can effectively kill pathogens


    4. can coexist with beneficial bacteria

    • No residual poisons, minimal impact on aerobic beneficial bacteria.

    • Unlike the continuous operation of UV products, this product has little effect on the beneficial bacteria in the aquarium and in the filter.


    5. according to the aquarium environment automation setting algorithm

    • According to the initial, medium and final ecological environment of the aquarium, different bactericidal intensity and operation cycle are used according to different stages.

    • Excellent control algorithms greatly facilitate the use of consumers.


    Package include

    1 x Set of Algae Inhibitor device or 1 x Replacement Reactor



    This product is only suitable for freshwater aquariums.

    It is forbidden to use in seawater aquariums.

    It is forbidden to use in aquariums with TDS higher than 500.

    Please do not use it in breeding tanks with high breeding density.

    If the TDS of the aquarium water is too high, the bubbles in the generator will be too large, which may cause the death of the fish. Please carefully check the TDS of the aquarium water before use.


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