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24K Gold Facial Mask Hyaluronic Acid Mask Moisturizing Hydrating Anti-Aging Depth Replenishment Skin Care

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    100% brand new and high quality!

    Balance water and oil

    Save skin from dry lips, peeling

    Improve skin elasticity

    Avoid dry skin lips

    Relieve dark yellow skin

    Moisturizing, antioxidant,delaying senescence

    The power of the deep sea cannot be belittled

    Marine plant extracts are of Mild nature, effectivelt beautify face skin.


    Product name: Gold Hyaluronic Acid Facial mask

    NET WT: 30g

    Size: Full Size

    Quantity: 1pcs


    Step 1.After facial cleaning, put this mask on your face and adjust the edge of mask to fit on your face

    Step 2.Enjoy a time for 15-20 minutes of face mask, you may read books,watch TV or do exercises meanwhile.

    Step 3.Gently remove the mask from bottom to top, you need not to clean it soon.

    Step 4.Gently massage until the essence liquid on the face is completely absorbed

    Warm Reminder:

    1.The mask is disposable, please don’t reuse.

    2.Once the liquid go into eyes accidentally, please wash immediately with clean water.

    3.People with skin trauma is not recommend to use the mask.

    4.People with sensitive skin should do a small-area test on the back of hand or ear before usage.

    5.Advice for the first time user: Please use this mask 2-3 times a week. After a week, use the mask once a day. Or use in the morning and at night each day.

    6.Advice for Storage: Store the mask in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

    1pc Gold Hyaluronic Acid Facial mask

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